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Thristina Woodhams: 08/13/2022

Finding time to cuddle while keeping up on your reading is a good way to keep the romantic flame in your relationship and do something you love. There is just something so sexy about watching a man deep in thought while reading. At times it can even be distracting but in a good way. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have spent a lot of time trying new ways of hanging out so that the other always feels loved and not ignored. We have our favorite TV shows and our favorite dinner places, all are awesome in their own way but none match the erotic tone of reading intertwined with each other’s bodies. It is a whole different kind of calm, and contentment. Only existing in that space, is tranquilizing. I love the way his lips move while reading silently. The way his body fits with mine in so many ways, and his silent giggles pressing against me are some of the reasons I believe in true love.

My husband and I read together in a few different ways.

Feel free to try them with your partner! I promise it will be the best date night ever. Instead of Netflix and Chill, you should Book and Booty!

  1. Two book tango – We cuddle in different positions to read our own choice of book to ourselves.
  2. Two book tango + Snack attack – All of one, plus, a grocery run for all our fav one-hand snacks while we read.
  3. Lit Serenade – We read out loud to each other, taking turns.
  4. Hibernating bookworm – We spend an entire day doing one and two. All while alternating taking naps while the other reads.

Romantic Reading

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